845 East 38th Street, Erie, PA  16504
(814) 452-4100

James A. Hodinko, Supervisor
Merle E. Wood, Funeral Director

845 East 38th Street, Erie, PA  16504
(814) 452-4100
James A. Hodinko, Supervisor
Merle E. Wood, Funeral Director
A full range of services is provided by an experienced staff, with attention to your individual needs by respecting each family's wishes.

At the Merle E. Wood Funeral Home we offer several options:

  • Traditional Funerals with Burial or Cremation 
  • Direct Burial 
  • Direct Cremation 
  • Memorial Services at a Church 
  • Memorial Services at the Funeral Home 
  • Graveside Services

Sharing the Brugger Funeral Homes and Crematory facilities gives the families being serviced by the Merle E. Wood Funeral Home an onsite crematory in addition to the traditional funeral home.


Cost is a concern with funeral arrangements; your choices should meet your financial means.  Our funerals are itemized according to your choice of arrangements; we provide the highest quality of service while keeping costs affordable.  Each funeral that we coordinate will be a personal experience that will meet your wishes and religious beliefs.  

  • Traditional Funeral Services include visitation, a service, and then a personal choice in disposition – Burial or Cremation.  These services can be private for your family or open to the general public, to include your friends and neighbors.
  • Direct Burial or Cremation includes your choice of disposition without any visitation or service.
  • Memorial Services include a service at the Church or at the Funeral Home; usually followed by a Direct Burial or Cremation.  A Memorial Service is the perfect way to celebrate someone whose death did not occur locally.
  • Graveside Services are simple, short services held by your clergyman or by one of our Funeral Directors at the Cemetery.  These services can be private for your family or open to the general public.


In keeping with the current trends and innovations of our industry, the Wood Funeral Home now also offers Minimal Cremation Services with Limited Staff involvement, for families with cost concerns.  

  • Payment for services must be made before or during arrangement of services.  
  • The Funeral Home provides the cremation service.
  • Vital statistic information must be completed  by a family member, on the funeral home website (the Cremation Services Tab), in order for the Funeral Home to then contact the Social Security Administration on your behalf.
  • A family member must also complete the cremation authorization form, including all required signatures.
  • A follow-up appointment will be scheduled, during normal business hours.
  • Deceased cremation remains are to be picked up (at the Funeral Home) by a family member.
  • There will be no services relating to a family gathering at the crematory.
  • No service is provided by the Funeral Home staff for insurance or Veteran claims; however, the Funeral Home staff can offer general direction to families regarding the claim process.
  • Free obituary or full obituary (cost quoted by the newspaper) can be assisted by the Funeral Home staff.  Obituary information will be posted on the Funeral Home website. 


Pre-Planning your Funeral Services has become very important in today’s society. With pre-planning you can arrange your funeral thoughts and wishes in advance.  This gives you the chance to make the choices you would like and helps your family with stressful and sometimes difficult decisions.


Pre-financing your Funeral Arrangement is also an important option to consider.  This provides you the opportunity to make the choices on how your funeral expenses should be paid.  Insurance policies are used by many people as a way to cover all or part of the cost of their funeral.  At the Wood Funeral Home we also offer the option of establishing an Irrevocable Burial Trust Account (at PNC Bank), where 100% of your funds are deposited under your social security number and guaranteed to cover previously chosen funeral expenses in full at the time the funeral arrangements are needed; with any excess being returned to the family.


Contact us for pre-arrangements or pre-financing quotes.